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June 17, 2012


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It was a dark, rainy day.  Most of the kids figured "Ah, it's just rain.  I can handle getting a little wet."  Zim, however, hated rain.  He was in 10th grade by now, 16 years old, and he still couldn't figure out why it burned him so much every time he touched it.  He stood in the shelter of the door of the school, watching the other teens run towards their homes.  He took out his cell phone and started to text GIR.  He stopped when he remembered.  'Oh, yeah…I don't have him anymore'.  His fake blue eyes filled with tears as he remembered what had happened the day before.  The Tallest had told them about how his mission was fake, and how he was banished from Irk, and how he was a…defect.  He remembered how they had taken GIR away in a beam of light, and a tear cascaded down Zim's cheek as he thought of how he would never see his little friend again.
Zim let out a sad sigh, closed his phone, and looked once more out at the pouring rain, wiping away his tears.  I suppose I'll just have to make a break for it, he thought.  He spotted a nearby tree and ran for it.  As soon as the rain touched his skin, he felt white hot pain all over his body.  He stopped about halfway to the tree and collapsed, screaming in agony.
As he screamed, Dib stood close by, standing under his navy blue umbrella, watching unnoticed as Zim writhed in pain.  Normally, he would've been doubled over, laughing hysterically at his enemy.  But for some reason, he felt something different today.  Something he had never felt before towards his enemy.
He quickly scolded himself.  'He's your enemy!  Why the hell would you feel bad for him!?'
'But he's in pain!  I have to do something!'  He fought with himself for a moment about this.  He had known Zim for five years, and during those years, Zim had only grown to 5' 3'', and Dib now stood at 5' 11''.  But that didn't diminish their hate for each other.  However, his relationship with Zim had grown from hate with a burning passion to just dislike in general.  He and Zim both knew that Zim could never take over the Earth, and that Dib would never be able to catch him.  So, instead of trying to kill each other, they just showed their contempt in other ways, like passing insulting notes to each other in class, tripping each other in the hallways, or even getting into small fist-fights.  The other students never payed any attention to the two rivals.  They had gotten so used to them fighting constantly, they were almost invisible to everyone around them.
They didn't always fight, though.  Sometimes they would sit together at lunch, eating in silence, or Zim (being Irken and, therefore, much smarter than any human on Earth) would help Dib with his homework after school.  Sometimes, if one of them was being picked on, the other would back him up, the only excuse being "It's my job to make you suffer, not theirs."  But despite this, Dib finally reached a decision and walked over to Zim's trembling form.  He held the umbrella over the Irken boy, and Zim, no longer feeling pain, looked up to see his savior.  Who he saw left him almost speechless.
"D…Dib?" he choked out.  "I-Is that you?"
"Yeah, space-boy.  It's me.  Now unless you want to burn more in this rain, come with me.  I'll walk you home."
Zim was shocked.  The Dib wanted to help him?  "O-Okay…"  He got up, brushed off his black tights, and followed Dib to his own house, being sure to stay under the umbrella the whole time they walked.  When they got to Zim's green house, they stepped onto the porch and Dib closed his umbrella, then threw it in his bag. Dib couldn't help but to want to ask the shorter teen a question.  Before Zim's hand reached the doorknob, he said "Hey.  Why didn't you have GIR pick you up, like you always do?"
Zim stopped, then turned slowly toward Dib.  Dib was surprised to see tears in the Irken's eyes.  Zim was...crying?  This greatly concerned him.  "Zim…what's wrong?"
Zim just grabbed Dib by his wrist and pulled him into the house.  He led him to his couch and they sat down.  Zim took a deep breath.  He took off his contacts and his now emo-style wig, allowing his antennae to stand up.  He looked into Dib's golden-brown eyes.  Dib stifled a gasp as he looked into those crimson eyes.  They had always fascinated him.  Zim sighed once more.  "I...I don't have GIR anymore.  The Tallest took him away."
Dib was shocked to hear this news.  He had always liked that little robot for some reason.  "What!?  Why in God's name would they take GIR away!?"
"They didn't just take him away," said Zim.  "They also cut off my communication to Irk and other planets.  Now I can only pick up transmitions from you, given the fact that you're the only human on Earth with a transmitter that complex…" his voice grew quieter and he was soon muttering to himself.  "I can't believe it," Dib heard him say.  "How could I have been so naive?"  Dib was shocked to see tears running down Zim's cheeks.  This worried him.  
'What does he mean?' thought Dib.  'Naive?  What on Earth is he talking about?'  He placed his hand gingerly on Zim's shoulder.  Zim slowly looked up at him.  "…Zim?" said Dib nervously.  "What do you mean, naive?"
Zim suddenly jumped up from the couch and glared at Dib ferociously, anger and pain in his eyes.  "DON'T YOU GET IT, YOU STUPID IDIOT!?" he screamed.  "I was FIRED!  The Tallest told me everything!  They said I was never a real invader.  They said they didn't know that Earth even existed when they sent me.  They had just hoped I would get lost and die in space.  They put me on permanent exile because I'm a…a…"  Zim suddenly burst into tears, his face buried in his gloved hands.
Dib got up from the couch and pulled Zim's three-fingered hands away from his face.  He brought his hand to the shorter boy's cheek and gently used his thumb to wipe the tears away.  "What are you talking about, Zim?" he said softly.  "You're a what?"
Fresh tears poured from the Irken's eyes.  "I'm a defect!  The Tallest told me that I have a faulty PAK.  That allows me to have feelings.  Irkens aren't supposed to have feelings!  When the Tallest found out I had emotions, they banished me here forever.  Now I'm stuck here, on this filthy planet, with no friends.  I am utterly alone!"
Zim started bawling once more.  He then let out a surprised gasp as Dib wrapped his arms around the ex-invader.  Zim was confused.  'He's hugging me?' he thought.  'But I thought he hated me!'  He just stood there, too shocked to move.  Then he broke down, threw his arms around Dib, and buried his face into the other's chest, crying violently.  Dib rested his chin on Zim's head and stroked his back, murmuring words of comfort.
"Shh…it's okay, Zim," said Dib.  "You're not alone.  You have me.  We'll get through this together, I promise."
Zim pulled away, then looked up and stared into Dib's eyes, and Dib gazed into Zim's.  'Wow,' Zim thought.  'I never noticed how…beautiful Dib's eyes are.'  Little did he know, Dib was thinking the same thing about him.  Dib blushed a little.
"Zim, I want to let you know.  I…I-I…" he blushed deeper and looked away.  Zim took Dib's face in his hands, leaned in, and pressed his lips against Dib's.  Dib was stunned.  Zim pulled away and smiled.  "I know, Dib.  I know."
He leaned in once more and kissed Dib.  This time, Dib kissed back.  He put his arms around the Irken's waist as the kiss deepened.  The smaller boy put his arms around Dib's neck.  The kiss grew even more passionate.  Dib ran his hands up Zim's shirt, causing the alien to moan slightly as he ran his own hands through Dib's jet-black hair.  Dib's saliva, being made of mostly water, was burning Zim's mouth, but it was almost a good pain.  He suddenly remembered something and pulled away.
"What's wrong?" said Dib.  He remembered his saliva.  "Did I hurt you?  Are you okay?"  Zim just leaned up to kiss him quickly again, then went to the kitchen and into his fridge.  He pulled out a small vial filled to the brim with fizzing blue liquid, and drank it, shuddering at what Dib guessed was the bad flavor.  He ran back into the living room, grabbed Dib by his shoulders, and shoved him onto the couch.
"Zim!  What're you doing!?" yelled a surprised yet oddly giddy Dib.  Zim climbed on top of him and sat on his stomach.  He smiled widely.
"That liquid was a water-resistant potion!" he said.  "Now, I'll never have to worry about water again!"
"That's awesome!  Now…I can do this!"  Dib kissed Zim roughly, shoving his tongue in his mouth.  Zim, seeing that saliva no longer hurt him, passionately kissed back, wrapping his serpent-like tongue around Dib's.  After a few moments, Zim pulled back.
"Um…would you like to see my room?" he said blushing a little.  Dib nodded, grinning widely.  Zim jumped up and grabbed Dib by the wrist, pulling him off the couch.  He led him up a long, winding staircase, down a dark hall, and through his bedroom door.  They ran in and jumped on the bed.
"Zim, I'm gonna tell you now," said Dib, "so I don't have to regret it later in the future."  He took a deep breath and looked into Zim's sparkling, ruby red eyes.  "I…I love you."
"Oh, Dib," Zim whispered.  He pulled Dib close and nuzzled into his chest.  "I love you too!"  He sat there with the human boy for a minute, then leaned up to snog him again.  After a minute, Dib pushed Zim onto his back (or his PAK, rather), pinning him down with his hands wrapped around the Irken's wrists.  He smiled deviously, causing Zim's eyes to widen with alarm.  Dib closed the gap between them, and proceeded to remove Zim's shirt.  No sooner did he throw it across the room did Zim do the same to Dib.  His hands moved slowly down the human's sides, stopping to rest at his waist.  He broke their kiss to whisper "Will you be mine forever?"
"Yes…" Dib whined.  "…I want you…I need you…please, Zim.  Don't ever leave me."
Zim's spider legs shot out of his PAK, grabbed Dib, and flipped him over so that Zim was on top, causing Dib to yelp.  Zim smirked.
"Wouldn't dream of it."  Their lips connected, and they started to remove each other's pants, then their boxers (well, Dib's, anyways, since Irkens don't wear any kind of underwear).  Zim shoved his tongue into Dib's mouth, exploring the wet cavern.  Dib mewled and seized one of Zim's antennae.  Zim immediately froze.
He broke the kiss, his eyes huge.  Dib marveled at what a single touch could do, then he slowly started to run his fingers up and down, massaging the feathery stalk.  Zim's eyes closed as he started whimpering quietly.  Dib giggled, then started to rub harder and faster.  The ex-invader went from whimpering to moaning, getting louder as Dib rubbed harder.  Dib grabbed the other lekku, rubbing both equally as fast.  Zim was almost screaming in pleasure.
"Oh…Dib!  Please!  Stop!  Ahh…nngh!  I can't take it!  Oh…hah, hah, hah…n-no!"  He finally swatted away the hand, panting furiously.  Dib flipped them over again, Dib being on top.  He placed his erection beside Zim's hole.  "Ready?" he said maliciously.
"Yes…" Zim said desperately.  Dib smiled evilly, then slowly inserted himself inside the alien.  Zim gasped at the intrusion.  Dib started to go in and out, gaining speed and strength with every thrust he gave.  Both Zim and Dib were panting hard, tears streaming down their cheeks, moaning with white hot pleasure.
"I…I-I love you, Dib!" said Zim, whining.
"I love you too, Zim!" replied Dib.  They were lost, oblivious to everything around them, completely absorbed in their own little world.  It was fantastic!
Zim was lying on top of Dib, nuzzling his chest.  The human's arms were wrapped around the Irken, both of the boys very drowsy.  Zim sighed blissfully and, nuzzling further into Dib's chest, said "I don't ever want this night to end."
"I know…that was the best time of my life."
Zim leaned up to kiss the boy.  "You and me both."
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